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OEM Replacements for Pfister Faucet Aerators

Ensure optimal performance for your Pfister faucet by choosing a replacement aerator that matches the original specifications precisely.

Curious about which aerator suits your Pfister faucet best? Utilize our "Find My Aerator" tool, a quick three-question guide to identify the ideal Pfister faucet aerator for your specific needs.

Pfister Aerator

Discover the perfect Pfister aerator replacement for various faucet types:

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Pfister Aerator
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At, our aerators are sourced directly from Neoperl, our parent company and the largest global manufacturer of aerators. Neoperl is a key supplier to renowned plumbing brands, including Pfister.

Each Neoperl aerator is meticulously engineered, recognizing that even a seemingly "small" component like the aerator plays a crucial role in delivering high-quality water performance through your faucet.

Why Choose Pfister Faucet Aerators from

Every time you turn on a faucet, the aerator plays a crucial role in optimizing water flow. We comprehend the significance of using the right aerator for your faucet and excel in designing and manufacturing aerators that maximize flow and force. is part of the Neoperl Group, the largest original equipment manufacturer of aerators for branded faucets in the U.S. Our engineering heritage enables us to create precision products that enhance daily life.

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We take the guesswork out of replacing your Pfister faucet aerator with a convenient and easy-to-use selection tool. Give it a try.

Faucet aerators are available in many different sizes. Use our tool to help you choose the correct size for your faucet.

To determine the size of your current aerator, we recommend measuring with a ruler in millimeters for the most accurate reading. Measuring your aerator is dependent upon the aerator type. As shown below, ‘With Housing’ and ‘Hidden Threaded’ models should be measured from edge to edge. 'Drop-in' models should be measured by the screen only. Visit our Resources Page to learn more!

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Your Pfister faucet box or instruction manual will include the model number. Some Pfister faucets also have a general number engraved on the back of the spout. However, to replace your aerator, you don’t need to know your model number! We just need to know what type of Pfister faucet aerator you’re replacing – is it a Pfister bathroom faucet aerator, Pfister kitchen faucet aerator or Pfister Roman tub faucet aerator. Our selection tool makes it easy to find Pfister aerator replacements!

Think of your aerator like the lint trap in your dryer: the more you clean it out, the better it performs. And, just like the lint trap effects the dryer’s lifespan, the aerator effects the faucet’s lifespan. Sediment buildup and other hard water deposits can slowly reduce your water flow. The EPA recommends aerator cleaning every six months and annual replacement.

The more you clean or replace your aerator the easier will be to remove. Aerators that have been in place for many years might experience sediment buildup that makes the aerator harder to remove. Here’s a guide to learn more and get some tips on removal.