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Aerator 101

Aerators are integrated into the spouts of bathroom, kitchen and bathtub faucets and seem fairly unremarkable at first glance. Yet faucet aerators are important components that we use on a daily basis.

Stream Patterns

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Aerated stream: The aerator adds air to the water flowing through the faucet. This creates a soft, aerated stream that feels pleasant and plentiful.

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Crystal-clear laminar stream: A vortex-free flow makes the laminar stream appear crystal clear and natural – for a feeling of extra cleanliness.

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Functions of faucet aerators

User comfort: aerators produce a gentle, splash-free water flow and shape the water stream to give it different patterns.

Conserving resources: numerous models help save water and energy.

Compliance with legal requirements: aerators are indispensable throughout the world for meeting national standards and regulations.

Types of Aerators

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Aerators with housing

The classic solution with insert, washer and housing. Find out all about the various sizes and designs.

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Aerators without housing

Our aerator inserts are offered in different sizes and styles, and are typically placed into a housing.

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Hidden threaded aerator

Discover our aerators with built-in thread for direct attachment to the spout of the faucet.

Housing Gender

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Male Housing

When referred to as male, the threads are on the outside of the housing and is inserted into the faucet.

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Female Housing

When referred to as female, the threads are inside the housing and will cover the faucet threads.

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SLC Easy Cleaning’s SLC is the only faucet aerator with a silicone construction to eliminate lime and scale build up. Simply rub the bottom of the aerator with the tip of your finger, to remove lime deposits.

PCA® Technology

Providing a constant flow rate
A single core PCA® aerator provides a constant flow rate regardless of pressure fluctuations. PCA® models provide more flow than a restricted model at low pressure and more savings at high pressure.

Static conditions (no flow/no pressure)
The o-ring is relaxed.

Dynamic conditions (normal pressure)
The o-ring is subjected to the line pressure and compressed into the seating area which reduces the water passage.

Dynamic conditions (high pressure)
As the pressure increases the o-ring is compressed further into the seating area, reducing the water passage further.

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Cache® Hidden Aerators

Caché® hidden aerators thread directly into the faucet spout, eliminating the need for a threaded housing and sealing washer. External threads on the aerator and a blue radial o-ring for sealing make it easy (and cost effective) to integrate into a faucet specifically designed to house them. Caché® aerators are vandal-proof by design, requiring a key to assemble and disassemble from the faucet.

Slim® Design Aerators

The Slim® design combines the advantages of an extremely low-height with an outstanding aerator, laminar or spray stream quality. Slim® aerators require a key for installation and removal, making it a great vandal proof solution.

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