How To Remove Your Stuck Sink Aerator with WD-40

Welcome to, your go-to destination for high-quality OEM replacement aerators for kitchen and bathroom faucets. If you've found yourself struggling with a stuck aerator, worry not – our expert guide and top-notch products are here to help you breeze through the process.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step One: Identify the Issue

Is your aerator refusing to budge? The culprit is often buildup. Lucky for you, we've got a simple solution – WD-40. Grab a can and follow our Spritz Method for a hassle-free aerator removal.

Spray the Faucet Spout:

For hidden threaded aerators, aim the nozzle along the outer diameter of the base.

If you have a housing, target the contact points between the housing and the faucet spout.

Ensure thorough saturation and allow the WD-40 to penetrate.

Step Two: Patience is Key

Wait patiently for 5 minutes, letting the WD-40 work its magic. This time allows the solution to break down the stubborn buildup, making the removal process a breeze.

Remove the Aerator:

After the waiting period, use the appropriate tool and turn counterclockwise to remove your aerator effortlessly. The WD-40 should have loosened it up, making this step a smooth experience.

Step Three: Measure for Success

Measure the base of your aerator from edge to edge, using millimeters for accuracy. Identifying the correct size is crucial for finding the perfect replacement. If, despite your efforts, the aerator is still stuck, explore alternative methods or reach out to our expert team at for personalized assistance.

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